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Residents of 600 MORROW RD, FOREST PARK GA
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Residents: Terry Holaday, Sharon Anowlin


FOREST PARK Georgia - 30298

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Terry Holaday

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Rent or Own : own
Gender : Male

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Sharon Anowlin

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Rent or Own : own
Gender : Female

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Subject: house on 600 morrow rd

I was out looking at homes as i do for my dad who buys them and fixes them up.and i work with him also cleaning properties for a possible better sale.if u need anyone to clean the property i will do it free of charge due to the fact i may can recycle some for money so i wouldn't ask to get paid.we do this free and recycle and then donate it to different needy communities in Atlanta.we're jus trying to help in any way we can.if u think im ok for the job i can have it done by monday.