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Residents: Preston Shawanna


BALTIMORE Maryland - 21298

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Preston Shawanna

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Rent or Own : own
Gender : Male

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Subject: Crime on the evening of 9/2/15

What is going on there???? My wife and myself have been living next door about 12 years now. Once again there was a shooting again. (not fatal this time thank God) Does Ms. Preston still own this property?? There were a couple living there they said there names were Thomas and Alesia Moore. They left there on 7/4/15. Shortly after that there was another family that moved in. Last night one of the family got shot and there scooter was stolen we were told by the police. We wanted to invest in tha

Subject: the name of the owner is a femal And troubling activities

The owner Ms. Preston, Has not lived there in almost 3 years. There are various people/ alleged families living there. There has been a lot of people visiting there and coming and some stay over night. Not to many of the same cars. Mostly they are high $$ autos visiting there. The lawn up keep is not very well. Finally someone removed the two junk autos left in the driveway in front of the garage thank God! They were parked in a manner that totally blocked the sidewalk on Marx ave. Loud noises