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Residents: Lueji Phaphety


5 Oakdale St
Portland Maine - 04124

Residents of address

Lueji Phaphety

E-mail :
Phone no : (207) 318-xxxx
Rent or Own : own
Gender : Male

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Subject: Luigi Phaphety arrived at 5 Oakdale

Luigi Phaphety, who lived with Deng Agot in one room downstairs at 5 Oakdale, and who never knew my father's name, .... but he showed up at my house about 3 weeks ago asking that if his driver's licence showed up, could I call him? I would never do this. He provided me only a PO Adress, he only once in the over the 8 years he lived here paid the rent, and he refused to acknowledge he used and therefore should clean the toiiet in his apartment. He's a bright man, but an asshole/