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Residents: John Mccallister


364 Ten Eyck Ave
Schenectady New York - 12345

Residents of address

John Mccallister

E-mail :
Phone no : (518) 618-xxxx
Rent or Own : own
Gender : Male
ethnicity : Irish

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Subject: 364 ten eyck ave

Jeff Costello - the drug shack - he can get just about any kind of drug out there, if you need a fix he is your man. Call first!

Subject: 364 ten eyck aveenue

DRUG DEALERS in the Mont Pleasant Area of Schenectady. You can get your fix here.

Subject: Pot smell

It smells too! Like pot! I can get a high just from walking by there!

Subject: 364 ten eyck avenue

Every time I walk by this place there are strange people coming and going. Looks like Drug traffic.

Subject: 364 ten eyck ave Drug Sales

Busy house, There is a man there and his wife and they sell drugs. lots of people go there to buy their drugs. Not a good neighborhood

Subject: re: Busy house, There is a man there and his wife and they sell drugs. lots of people go there to bu

LMAO - Gearald saw this and had to respond. Know exactly the house you are talking about as I walk my dogs by there every evening. Always people coming and going and never there longer than a couple of minutes. The people living there don't seem to be working, probably collecting welfare. Guess they have to make money buy supplying drugs in the area. These gypsies moved from 3rd ave, they destroyed the house and moved on ready to destroy another. The whole area is becoming a dump!